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A 50 -year lease contract was awarded to the CJH Development Corporation by the government in 1996 to develop, manage and operate the facility. The developmental masterplan adopted preserved all that is cherished and firmly Camp John Hay as a premier eco-tourism destination. Most of Camp John will remain open unbridled space. Managed forest areas comprise more than half the entire property. Adjacent to this runs the tree-lined golf course. The residential cluster includes international standard Cottages, Country Homes and Family Units that are architecturally designed to blend into its natural. There will also be a variety of lodgings that suit the visitors needs: Boutique Hotel, Condotels, Conference Hotel and the Igorot Lodge. The Camp John Hay skyline, dominated by towering pine trees and unmarred by high-rise structures will remain unchaged, even as facilities are enhanced to offer more, in terms of leisure activity and quality standards. Pathways will lead to botanical gardens were Baguio's flowers bloom in all their splendor. Every cluster is strategically located and designed to conform to low-density development withen the camp grounds. Baguio's enchanting history and the influence of foreign culture on the Cordilleras will be showcased in the International Cluster. The Cordillera Cluster gives the visitor a visual tour of the mountain region. The more adventurous will certainly flock to the Active Recreational Cluster where other amusement rides provide enjoyment to the entire family.

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