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How to Get There:

Southwoods Ecocentrum lies at the heart of the Southwoods community, some 20 kilometers south of Metro Manila, on the west side of the South Superhighway. It is central to the surrounding localities of Laguna, Cavite, Batangas, and Metro Manila, accessible via the various feeder roadways throughout the Calabarzon area. With the anticipated residential influx in the area and the emergence of the Southwoods Interchange as a strong commercial node, Southwoods Ecocentrum is well-positioned for the long-term growth of the region

Price and Terms:

Inner Lot PHP00,000.00/sq.m
Corner Lot PHP00,000.00/sq.m


Outright Cash with 7 days 10% disc. on T.C.P.
-50% Downpayment w/in 7 days 5% disc. on D/P balance of 50% payable in 1 year with semi-annual instalments (PDC's); no interest
-35% Downpayment w/in 7 days; on D/P 65% balance payable in 5 years; 19% interest p.a.

All prices quoted are in Philippine Pesos

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