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The Units

Candid Class

(one-bedroom unit)

Montaigne, the one-bedroom suite at Renaissance 5000 is designed to mirror the unrestrained and frank approach to life by French writer Michel Eyquem de Montaigne as reflected in his "Essays", the most candid self-revelation in all literature. His openess to all varieties of life and thought is a clear influence of the Renaissance era.

Grand Artistry

(two-bedroom unit)

Florence.World famous as one of the greatest centers of artistic treasures and traditions. A city which relived the classical granduer of Greek antiquity through its grandiose palaces and cathedrals.

Florence the two-bedroom of Renaissance 5000. An ideal embodiment of the great city-state's grand architectural artistry. Experience living in a setting replete with the exuberant mood of summer, day after day.

Masterful Elegance
"da Vinci"
(Penthouse Unit)

Leonardo da Vinci - the great Italian artist, scientist, and inventor - exemplified the Renaissance ideal of "I'uomo universale," the universal or many sided man. Experience the many facets of luxurious living in the penthouse units of the Renaissance 5000 - a 21st century tribute to the brillant artist of the 15th century whose insatiable thirst for knowledge and penchant for perfection yield numerous studies in science and three of the world's greatest masterpieces - the "Monalisa," the "Last Supper," and the "Virgin of the Rocks."

Romantic Grandeur

(three-bedroom unit)

The "Queen of the Adriatic" during the 15th century. A city crisscrossed by a network of canals with gondolas and small streamers as the chief means of transportation. A city that typifies romance and grandeur. A city of palazzos and quaint churches.

Relive the grandeur of romance of Venice in our very own palace in the sky - the Renaissance 5000 three-bedroom unit. Pamper yourself with the grand lifestyle in a setting as luxurious as the palazzos of historic Venice.

(special three-bedroom unit)

The vibrance and vivid lines of the "Pieta" - a sculpture of unequalled beauty and perfection - elevated Michaelangelo Buonarotti to the status of primier sculptor of his time. Renaissance 5000's special three-bedroom units, majestic masterpieces of architectural and interior designs, give owners unrivalled experience in luxurious living. A true celebration of life.


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