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Coutry Homes Features and Description

A. Style: American/High Mountain Province style homes
B. Split level
C. Wooden floors, fireplace, large windows, modular kitchen cabinets with counter top, carpeted rooms, comfort room with fixtures - unit is 99.5% finished when delivered to clients.
D. All units have 3 bedrooms and 3 toilet and bath.
E. Floor Area: 200 sq.mtrs. (2,100 sq.ft.) without loft, 230 sq. mtrs. (2,415 sq.ft) with loft, 2 car garage, maids room and driver's quarter.
F. No fence to obstruct the view from one country home to another
G. Fifty (50) year lease extendable for another 25 years
I. P55,000.00 per sq. meter

Price and Terms of Payment

Country Homes


GOLFSHARE Leasehold for 50 years
P R I C E PHP 2,000,000 after 700 shares
T E R M S 50% Outright Downpayment, No discount 50% Balance payable within (1) year with 12 monthly posdated checks, no interest
  30% Outright Downpayment, no discount 70% Balance payable within 3 years at 19% interest per annum

All prices quoted are in Philippine Pesos

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