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Initially, there are two condotels in the pipeline. The first of these is the Camp John Hay Manor. It is located where the main club once stood. The 187 units Manor promises to offer five-star services through a highly trained staff and world-class amenities to cater to the discriminating taste of Filipinos and their guests.

The second condotel, which shall be known as the Camp John Hay Suites, will rise in the area of the former 19th Tee Bar and Restaurant. This 287-unit condotel shall also be operated as a hotel for an initial 15-year period. Club Leisure, Inc will operate both hotels.

Designed by Recio + Casas Architects, their design will take the architectural facade of the former Main Club. The Manor shall be no more that four storeys high and is inspired by a mix American and Cordilleran accents. The Manor shall house restaurants, cafes, business centers and other hotel amenities. The Camp John Hay Suites is also designed by Recio + Casas Architects. The four-storey hotel shall be accented with log finishes.

Rooms in the condotels will range form studio to one-bedroom to two-bedroom units. Studio units shall have an average area of forty (40) square meters, one-bedroom units shall have an average floor area of eighty (80) square meters while a two-bedroom unit shall have an average floor area of one hundred twenty (120) square meters. Selected units have private terrace that will afford a magnificent view of the golf course, the front garden or the lush forest and mystic mountains beyond the hills of Camp John Hay. At the fourth floor, several studio units will be equipped with a loft that becomes a bedroom right at the canopy of the surrounding areas.

The Lease Back Agreement

The Manor and Suites shall operate as hotels for a period of 15 years and will be managed by Club Leisure, Inc. All units from the second floor up will be automatically included in the lease back pool. Units at the ground floor have the option not to join the pool. Should the ground floor unit owners opt not to join the pool, they however, would be subject to whatever house rules implemented by the hotel management such as restrictions in cooking, safety and security.

As the condotels would be operated as hotels, furnishings shall be standardized. Cost for furnishing shall be an investment for unit owners due upon purchase and separate from the unit's total contract value. Furnishing cost per unit type is as follows:
Studio Units - Five Hundred Thousand Pesos (PHP500, 000.00)
One Bedroom Units - One Million Pesos (PHP1, 000,000.00)
Two Bedroom Units - One Million Five Hundred Thousand Pesos (PHP1, 500,000.00)

Furnishing shall become personal property of unit owners at the end of the lease period in the year 2046.

Apart from investment cost in the unit and furnishing, unit owners shall invest in parking space, which is separate from the total contract value and due upon purchase. For the Manor parking share it is at Two Thousand Pesos (PHP2, 000.00) per square meter, while for the Suites it is Four Thousand Pesos (PHP4, 000.00) per square meter.

During this period, unit owners are entitled to various benefits such as share in income. Unit owners are entitled to 70% share in net income from operations. Share from income shall be distributed pro-rated on the area owned provided that there is income regardless whether a certain unit is occupied or not.

Aside from share from income, unit owners are entitled to 2.5 complimentary room-nights per month totaling 30 room-nights per calendar year. Such incentive however does not accrue to the next year should there be a balance of unused room-nights at the end of a calendar year.

Should there be no express intention by unit owners to occupy their units at the end of the 15-year lease back period, the lease back agreement shall be automatically reinstated for another 15 year period.


Perfect place for your Baguio get-away as it offers a magnificent view of the freshly spruced up golf course, breathtaking view of the Cordillera Range and first class amenities for your ultimate satisfaction.


287 units consisting of studio, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units. Several 4th level studios are with attic or loft convertible to a bedroom.

Designed with log cabin finish. Has a cozy lobby lounge area with a huge fireplace at the center and a verandah spanning the entire length of the building. It houses a food center, café gym, beauty parlor and spacious basement parking.

PHP 60,000.00 / SQM
PHP 4,000.00 / SQM for Parking (due December 2000 & separate from TCV)
Furnishings: PHP 500,000.00 for studio type (due upon purchase and separate from TCV)
P1, 000,000.00 for 1 bedroom (due upon purchase and separate from TCV)

Cash outright - 12% discount on TCV
Cash in thirty (30) days with PDC 8% discount on the TCV
50% outright down payment with 8% discount on DP
30% outright down payment with 5% discount on DP

Balance Payment on In-House Term - 6 months interest free with PDC
- 18 months at 18% interest

BPA Terms with 10% outright down payment & complete requirements for the bank
Reservation Fee: PHP50, 000.00



A 4-storey concave building with low rise clusters amidst the setting of towering trees and gently rolling slopes with the famous Friendship Gardens directly adjacent.

The interiors emulate the atmosphere, the history and the fond memories of the real Baguio. Dark woods paneled walls; antique ceiling fans and wooden furniture evoke a Filipino-colonial feel. Wooden shuttered doors open to outdoor patios with breathtaking view.

For a distinct touch, a Baguio stone exterior finish, shingled roofing and tinted glass windows add warm accents to Camp John Hay Manor's cozy, relaxed and luxuries ambiance.

Camp John Hay Manor will have studio-type, one- and two-bedroom units, and special luxury units. The rooms will open to patios that bask in the uniquely invigorating Baguio morning: clean crisp air and sunlight filtering through trees.

Units will be sold on a per unit basis and units will be leased back to the management arm of Camp John Hay, Club Leisure, for a minimum of fifteen years. Owners will have the option to lease it back to the management after the fifteen-year term.

Owners will have thirty (30) days in a year to spend for personal use except during holidays. Profit sharing on income is 30% - 70% ratio with the owners getting the larger portion. Unit owners will get a money back guarantee on their investment after fifty years or after the end of lease between the company and BCDA.

Ground floor unit owners have the option not to lease back their unit buy has to pay for their utilities, security, insurance, etc. There is a one-time payment for furniture while ground floor unit owners have the option to choose their furniture. Brand-new sets of furniture are given for free after fifteen years.


PHP 65,000.00 / SQM
PHP 2,000.00 / SQM for parking (due upon purchase and separate from TCV)
Furnishings: P 500,000.00 for studio type (due upon purchase and separate from TCV)
PHP1, 000,000.00 for 1 bedroom (due upon purchase and separate from TCV)

Cash outright - 10% discount on TCV
BPA Terms - 10% discount on Down payment and complete requirements for the bank

Reservation Fee: PHP50, 000.00

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