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Welcome the Renaissance 3000.
The residential towers offer the awesome view of the 16,000 square meter garden in the Golden Triangle - the Bramante Piazza. A tri-level garden with placid nature-scape surrounding the amenities for tennis, swimming pool, golf putting, gym and clubhouse. Inspired by the great Italian architect Donato Bramante, it reflects his genius for space and fine proportions and vivid expressions of integrity, strength and the classical heroic spirit.

The Condominium

  • Generators for power interruptions provide power to:
    2 high-speed elevators
    Exit signage
    Public access and common areas
    Major auxillaries
    Water pumps
    Sewage treatment pumps
    Entry and kitchen lights
    2 electric outlets for living/dining areas
  • Electric outlet for refrigerator
  • Kitchen exhaust fans
  • Satellite TVRO/MATV System
  • Complete fire detection and alarm system
  • Computerised Emergency Alert System
  • Building Management Auxiliary System
  • Residential Units
    1-bedroom units
    2-bedroom units
    3-bedroom units
    Penthouse units

The Ground Lobby

The main entry to the Ground Lobby at the Bramante Level is a rich sequence of space built around water features highlighted by a canopy of palm trees at the entrance.

Three columns of stone and glass spill water from highly detailed bronze jets, the fountain basin is filled with vari-coloured pebbles where pencil jets blow water between the columns.

The Ground Lobby which serves as the arrival area offers a view of the REAR GARDEN traversed by raised stone steps leading to the water lily garden with 6 raised stone "islands" supporting polished burgundy planters accented by "spilling" foliage. The lower water garden framed by tropical palms in raised planters completes the sense of solitude and closeness to nature in proportions not dominating but calming.

The Pool Area and Horizon View

Located beneath a two-storey volume, the pool area forms the perspective of the Horizon View featuring a Garden Bar, Dining Area, as well as Sitting and Sunning Areas.

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The Site

At the threshold of the country's 3 great and modern thoroughfares:
EDSA linking North and South of Manila and where the most modern Light Rail Transit System will soon ease 60% of its traffic load.
Shaw Boulevard where a major development encompassing 27 hectares will soon give rise to a 21st century Megapolis while it joins the new cities of Pasig and Mandaluyong.
And the vibrant Ortigas Avenue linking the rest to the Ortigas Center - a new finance centre that rivals the City of Makati in bubbling affluence.

Renaissance 3000 is the on condominium development that can boast of a space for recreational amenities this size: Landscape grounds, glistening pool, wide paths and walkways, sports facilities, children's playground and clubhouse.

  • 30 luxurious floors
  • Grand Main Lobby
  • Swimming Pool Spa wit
  • Sundeck Locker and shower rooms
  • Elevator Access at the parking floors
  • Modern High speed elevators
  • Parking space for tenants and visitors
  • Driver's lounge and quarters
  • Security monitors in all public areas and elevators
  • Back-up central laundry/drying area
  • Centralised garbage disposal/collection room
  • Sewage treatment plant

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The Units

Your Renaissance "palace in the sky" lets you enjoy the feelings and moods of existence. The mood of summer which is magnificence in THE VERONA---the 2-bedroom units located at the 1st to the 28th floors.

The laughing mood of Autumn in THE PALAZZO REALE---A 1-bedroom unit located at the 20th and 21st floor. THE RAFAELLO---A 3-bedroom units located at the 1st up to the 20th floors and the 27th floor. And all these combined in THE MEDICI---Penthouse Units located at the 36th, 28th, 29,th and 30th floor.

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