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Features and Highlights


Thirty (30) Luxurious Floors
Grand Main Lobby
Modern High Speed Elevatoors
Central Laundry and Drying Area
Centralized Garbage Collection/Disposal
Sewage Treatment Plant
Stand-by Generators
Underground and Overhead Domestic and Fire Water Tanks

Security and Communications

CCTV Security and Surveillance Monitors in all public areas
Complete Fire Detection System
Computerized Emergency Alert System for Fire, Security, and Medical Services
Provision for 2 Direct Telephone Lines
Fully Digitized Network: Structured Cabling System for:

Electronic Fire Detection and Alarm with EmergencyVoice Communicator
Evacuation System
Emergency Power Monitoring
Video Entry Monitoring
Video Entry Phone with Emergency Alert
CCTV Security Surveilance Monitors
Car Paging System
Elevator Supervisory and Control Systems
Stair Pressurization System

Residential Units

Common Features

Cable TV System
Provision for Individual Air-conditioner
110 and 220 volt Electrical Outlet
Fire Sprinkler System
Smoke and Heat Detecttors
Hot and Cold Water
Wooden Floors for Living and Dining Areas
Granite Top for Bar Counters
Italian Fittings for Bathrooms
Utility Room with Ceramic Floor Tiles
Complete Bathroom Facilities for Every Bedroom of all Units
Synthetic Granite Floor and Natural Granite Counters for Bathrooms
Ceramic Floor Tiles for Kitchen
Sink Incenerator
Cornices and Baseboards will be installed where available


Underground Multi-Level Parking
Elevator Access to Parking Levels
Driver's Lounge with Quarters
Ample Parking space for Guests
2 slots for 3-bedroom units
1 slot for 2 & 3-bedroom units

Amenities Level


Swimming Pool
Jacuzzi with Sun Deck
Lounging and Sunning Areas
Cocktail Bar
Fully Landscaped Recreation Area
Horizon Deck
Viewing Deck


Multi-Purpose Function Rooms with Pantry, Deck, and Male/Female Toilets
Health Club (Gym)
Locker and Shower Room

Special /Additional Features Per Unit

One-bedroom unit
Utility/Maid's Room with Toilet and Bath

Two and hree-Bedroom Unit
Powder Room
Individual Maid's Room with T & B
Twin Lavatories in Bathrooms of Master's Bedrooms
Walk-in Closets with Mirrored Doors

Penthouse Units
Natural Granite Counter Tops
Special Features of 2 and 3-Bedroom Units

Special Units (3-Bedroom)
Certain Units with 270-degree view
Separate Bathtubs and Shower Areas
Special Features of 2 and 3-Bedroom Units


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